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about RPC

Richardson Preservation Consulting is a historic preservation consulting service specializing in cultural landscapes. RPC is owned and operated by Historian and Preservationist Ty Richardson. Mr. Richardson holds a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architectural Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Arkansas, as well as a Masters in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania. RPC recognizes that historic preservation and conservation are important undertakings that help ensure our nation's heritage and cultural resources are protected. It is the goal of RPC to ensure that the integrity of historic landscapes, districts, buildings and other cultural resources are maintained and protected

From the local to national level, each historic resource is precious and must be treated as such. Proper interpretation is likewise a vital part of historic preservation and one that RPC strives to achieve. Furthermore RPC operates within the realm of a variety of areas including cultural, natural, vernacular, designed, ethnographic and historc landscapes. It is important at RPC to understand that properties such as farms, ranches, hunting leases, parks and wilderness areas also contribute to landscape preservation and the conservation of  natural resources. Our company offers a wide variety of historic preservation services that include: Consultation Services for Historic Sites, Cultural Landscape Inventories, Historic Cemetery Master Plans, and National Register Nominations. 

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Historic Cemetery Master Plans

Historic Structure Reports

Cultural Landscape Inventories

Cultural Landscape Reports

Agricultural Landscape Reports

Grant Applications

hals documentation

Guidelines for historic properties and districts

Grave marker and monument cleaning

gis mapping

Local, State & National Register Nominations

Historic Preservation Studies

Consultation services for historic sites

Preservation Plans

Historic Property research

Interpretive Signage & Historical Marker Planning

Articles & reports on historical topics

Wildlife and Land Management documentation

Adaptive reuse strategies



recent Work and other Projects


Historical Marker Planning and Implementation for Waldron commercial historic district. 2018



Collaborative work and research on Cultural Landscape Report for Tumacacori National Historic Site. 2017




Collaborative work on Risk and Threat Analysis for Fort Union National Monument. 2016 - 2018



Collaborative work on Rohwer Japanese Internment Camp Master Plan. 2014







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